MPFM is on the AIR! Last friday of the month. Come take a trip through reggae, soul, hip hop, and whatever strikes our fancy.
Stellar drink and food specials after 9pm too!
The Reef on Main street (4172 Main at 26th), live and direct from the Mad Carver DJ Booth!

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The Reef : still in residence

Big Love to Keisha, Simon and everyone at the Reef. I’m still doing once a month there and proudly working the ‘Mad Carver’ memorial dj booth. Big up Don ‘Mad Carver’ Hartley! Big up all the Reef Residents: Tank Gyal, Su Commadante et al. Keep the vibes strong!
Still taking requests and even trying to play them and sometimes I keep an eye on twitter @mp_fm #mpfm , or just jot ’em down and hand ’em over.
JB aka Mt Plsnt Freq Mods

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Tweet-quests @mp_fm #mpfm

We like to p-ah-ty (as our dear friend likes to pronounce it). To that end MPFM wants to inspire you to freak your funk so send us requests. Tweet us @mp_fm or email

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MPFM is on the AIR!!! Dec 7th 2012 @ the Reef (on Main)


We’re back and better than ever thanks to pH donating a macbook! Send in your requests and we’ll try to get on the air:

email ’em…

tweet ’em too…. @mp_fm and/or #mpfm

we play ‘un poco de todo’ , a little of everything so after we do the first set of reggae (it’s a carribbean resto ‘eh) then we get to play whatever we, or you, want!

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Keys N Krates : Sunday Feb 13th at the Lamplighter

Yeah Sunday may be tough for working stiffs but this is well worth it. The Lamplighter is hosting the best in improvizational live remixing with live band members and epic dj. The energy and freestyle is contagious!

These guys deserve the hype they get. Quick visit out this way but in Toronto you can’t get a ticket so jump on this opportunity.

Learn more here…

and heck, they are even giving you a free mixtape recorded live off the floor. WYHIWYG , What you HEAR is what you get!!!

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We’re back. New and improved. Old and crusty.

Working on getting this into shape so we can all share audio, but also keep up with Vancity culture. Check out the Calendar.

No longer shall we have to visit many lame sites to get updates (i’m talking to you georgia straight!). You post, I post, we all post, and we all find ourselves at many great times with quality peeps.



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